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Deurbel compleet met ALPHA pager

€ 230,00 (exclusief btw 21%)

Degelijke outdoor deurbel die een tekstbericht verstuurd naar de meegeleverde ALPHA pager.

Het bericht is "Gast bij voordeur"maar kan naar wens worden aangepast.

Bereik is c.a. 250 meter.

Technische Spefikaties

Technische specificaties

  • RF Frequency UHF: 440 - 470MHz synthesized
  • Dimensions Default size: 103mm x 50mm x 42mm On request: 117mm x 74mm x 37mm
  • Supply Voltage 3 volt CR2032 button cell or larger battery pack by negotiation
  • Power Consumption Sleep: 100nA  Transmit: 45mA
  • Battery Life Approximately 1000 transmissions Approximately 10 years standby
  • Temperature Limits -10°C to + 55°C.
  • -30°C to +60°C on request
  • Environmental Protection Requires protection from weather (it is not waterproof)
  • Channel Spacing 25kHz
  • Output Power Approximately 10dBm
  • Modulation Carrier FSK with NRZ data
  • Deviation ±4.5kHz
  • Transmit Duty Cycle Up to 20%, 30 seconds continuous
  • Baud Rate 512 Baud Message Format
  • AvailableColours White (default) or black
  • Type Approval AS/NZS 4769.1:2000 and ESN 2242 Tested to and meets FCC part 90