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EasyCall forward repeater

€ 475,00 (exclusief btw 21%)

The EasyCall paging hub incorporates a universal EasyCall

receiver interfaced with a paging transmitter. The messages

from call point transmitters are received and processed by the

universal receiver which are then forwarded to pagers. The

paging hub comes in two type; standalone hub or Gen2 hub. A

standalone hub will have an AC mains connection only. A Gen2

hub has AC mains connection and two RS232 connections; one for

the receiver and one for the transmitter. If the latter is to be

connected to the Genesis server via Ethernet network (as opposed

to direct RS232 connection) then two RS232 to Ethernet converters

are supplied as part of the hub and the hub cable connections

consist of two Ethernet cables with RJ45 connectors for

connection to your network points.


- The unit is housed in a grey box of approximate dimensions (WxHxD): 258mm x 272mm x 78mm

- Internal 12-15VDC standard (center negative) power supply;

- AC Mains Powered plug or fused spur option

- Paging standard: POCSAG

- Paging output power: Available RF Power outputs 0.5W, 2W and 4W

- Paging frequency: 440 – 470MHz